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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are there sometimes longer delivery times?

To make sure that the ecosystem in your Neutos lamp is in balance and that your plants can grow properly and healthy, each of our lamps remains after sealing in our so-called „HIVE“, our Quality Control warehouse, for 4 weeks. After this, each lamp will be individually checked and approved for shipping. Therefore, sometimes longer delivery times can occur if there is very high demand in which case we thank you for your patience.

I can see little white or black dots crawling over my pants and soil. Is this normal? And why does this happen?

Don´t worry - it should or even must be that way. What you see here are the „good spirits“ (microorganisms) of your ecosystem, which we purposely breed. They are the so called destructors and make sure that fallen leaves are decomposed and broken down in order to be absorbed again by the plants as nutrients.

What materials is my Neutos lamp actually made of?

All Neutos products are made of sustainable materials. The body of the lamp is made of aluminium and glass, the lampshade of polycotton. In the interior, the ecosystem of the lamp, only sustainable substrates are used, as well as plants and specially cultivated microorganisms from our in-house nursery. Also, our lamps are completely free of any kind of peat.

Which bulbs/lamps can I use for my lamp?

Only light bulbs up to 40Watt max can be used in the E27 light bulb socket.

The inside of the glass body of my lamp is slightly fogged up. Is this normal?

Your Neutos lamp must always be connected to the mains through the 230V power plug, so that the patented Neutos-Anti Fogging System can work correctly. After power failures, when you first use your lamp or when you move house it can take 24 - 48 hours depending on the room temperature until your lamp is crystal clear again.

The magnet has fallen off or has been left inside or is not within the attraction range of the outer magnet.

Turn the lamp over carefully so that the magnet falls out of the planted area by gravity. That´s it, no joke.

Is it bad when leaves die?

This might happen, like in nature. Nothing to worry about. But you are welcome to contact us via mail with photos of your lamp if something seems strange to you.: info@neutos.design

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